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A fabulous box printed as a chimney with a festive printed lid. 

"Christmas comes but once a year, so here's a little festive cheer!" A gift with a true WOW factor. 

Encasing a selection of wonderful food & wines for a true festive feast.


A bottle of French Cabernet Sauvignon embracing the flavours of succulent autumnal berries with soft spicy undertones 75cl

A bottle of fresh French Chardonnay with aromas of succulent citrus fruits 75cl

Christmas mince pies with a beautiful pastry star to decorate, a wonderful Christmas treat 225g

Sea salt and luxury peppers crisps snacks perfect with wine 40g

Luxury shortbread made with clotted cream and large chocolate chunks 200g

Scrumptious dark chocolate bar infused with tangy orange a real Christmas treat 70g

Delicious caramelised cashew nuts  coated in sesame seeds a treat loved by all 45g

Wonderful Grate Britain cheddar cheese snack biscuits made with fresh grated cheese 100g

Tiptree orange and tangerine marmalade a true Christmas breakfast treat 454g

Tiptree decadent strawberry and champagne jam a perfect Christmas breakfast treat 340g

Tomato and black olive bread thins perfect on their own or with cheese and relish 100g

A great pre-dinner snack with wine Dormens nuts 50g

Refresjing English Tea a wonderful Christmas warmer 20g

A rich slice of fruitcake bursting with autumnal fruits and cherries topped with marzipan and sweet icing


Presented in a wonderful Christmas inspired chimney box for a real wow factor!

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